A New Adventure, A Random Idea

“Love People. Cook them tasty food.” – Penzeys Spices

This quote lives on my refrigerator and every time I start to cook I see it and it reminds me why I love to cook. I am just a guy who loves to cook and loves to see my food bringing happiness to others.

This blog is being started as a way for myself to document what I cook and sometimes what I eat. It is a way to be more thoughtful about what I cook and what I eat and to share my food with those people in my life who can’t be here in person to eat it. I have no grand plan that this will be a world famous blog, I just want a way to share my culinary adventures with my friends and family. I expect this blog will mostly be about what I cook with random posts about other food topics.

So why call myself The Hungry Flexitarian? The flexitarian is a reflection of what I eat. Most of my diet and the recipes I cook are vegetarian and sometimes even vegan, but every once in a while I may include either seafood or meat dishes. The hungry part of the title refers both to my physical love of food and also my never-ending desire to learn more about food.

Finally, I am a big believer that good food doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With some smart shopping and a knowledge of what foods are in season, you can cook delicious food that doesn’t break the bank.

So let’s go! Here’s to new adventure and hopefully tasty food!


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